This is the story of Electra, a sometimes glamorous drag queen, who had escaped from his former life in Seattle and moved to South Beach where he became a female impersonator. Electra was a big hit on the club circuit as a master female impersonator with a repertoire of stars like Judy Garland, Lucille Ball, Carol Channing, Bette Midler and a dozen more. Electra's dream was to own his own club so Madame's, a café located too far off the beaten path, became Electra's nightmare. The wolves were growling at the door and every creditor in town had Madame's on speed-dial with the landlord threatening to close the place down. Before throwing in the wig, Electra had an incredible idea that would save the day, or so she hoped. Electra would produce an American Idol-type talent show with drag queens as contestants. Knowing that the landlord secretly yearned to perform in drag, Electra hoped the scheme would at least keep Madame's open until the contest's finale. Right in the middle of the craziness enters a 12-year old girl named Mary Jones who announces that she's looking for her father Harry Jones. Electra nearly faints since that's his real name. Turns out that Hester, his ex-wife, never told him that she was pregnant when he decided to run away to South Beach to find him/herself. The arrival of his 12-year old daughter could have been the straw that broke the camel's back; however Mary and Electra…er Harry, bonded. Mary found the father she never had and Electra discovered he wasn't such a bad father after all. Here's where the happy ending should be inserted but enter another villain. The ex-wife Hester, surprised to find that Harry is a drag queen, shows up and threatens to take back her daughter (who has a trust fund) and ruin her ex-husband's life. On Christmas Eve, the finale of the drag-show contest has Madame's overflowing with customers but the real winners that night were not even entered in the contest.

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Photo courtesy of David Vance

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