Interviews before the Screening

Cast and Crew were interviewed at a reception at Halo Lounge on Lincoln Road prior to the screening at the Colony Theatre in April.

Heriberto Sanchez - Interview #1

Heriberto plays Baby, a.k.a. Tink, Tinkerbell, and Bitch in the movie. This highly versatile actor is ready for a sequel!

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James Cubby - Interview #2

James Cubby plays Dennis Cubinsky the documentarian, who, along with his intrepid crew, is following Electra around as she lives her “normal” everyday life.

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Ed Ford - Interview #3

Ed Ford was handling craft services and catering for the film when an actor slated to play the Chef didn't show up. Ed stood for him in and did a fine job.

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Andrew Delaplaine - Interview #4

The director reveals why he made this movie instead the half dozen others he has ready to go. (Hint: he got the location for $1 for the year!)

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Sophie Delaplaine - Interview #5

Co-writer of Life's A Drag, Sophie explains why the additional role of Script Supervisor was so meaningful for her, as well as her experience as “The Ultimate Extra,” also known on set as “The Extra With a Thousand Looks.”

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David Lynch - Interview #6

David Hart Lynch was the St. Augustine Hotel Manager in the movie.

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Natalie McPherson- Interview #7

Natalie McPherson, as Mary Jones, reacts to seeing herself on the Big Screen.

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Electra - Interview #8

Electra , the topliner in Life's a Drag, talks about the big difference in actually sharing a stage with actors when she's so used to working alone.

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Kim Crow - Interview #9

Kim Crow , based on Florida's West Coast, plays social worker Lurleen in the movie.

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Terry Cain - Interview #10

Terry M. Cain plays Max Reinhardt, Electra's business partner in the movie—make sure you watch your DVD all the way through the end credits to hear the excellent song he sings (and also wrote).

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Bob Carter - Interview #11

Bob Carter plays the conflicted Judge Fergus in the film.

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Mr. McPherson - Interview #12

Natalie Mc.Pherson father speaks about his daughter being in the movie.

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